Welcome to The Mindfulness Zone

Weekly Online Sessions

Welcome to the Winter 2022/2023 Season that will now continue after the 9th January 2023. I am currently in Assisi leading some retreats until then. The link below will lead you to the registration page for the Zoom link to the weekly online sessions. Sessions take place at various time during the week. If you email me on vinod@mindfulness.zone, I will contact you each time a session has been scheduled.

If a session has been scheduled, Please click here to find the dates for the next sessions along with the Zoom registration page.

Five Day Retreats

Meditation retreats are also held in Assisi, Italy every Spring and Autumn. Bookings can be made directly through Assisi Retreats by clicking this link.

You can get a glimpse into what you can expect here

Please also feel free to get in touch with me through vinod@mindfulness.zone on any queries or anything else.

You can also find free access to previous Mindfulness Zone Live online meditations here and a few further audio recordings here.