Mindfulness during Uncertain Times

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We have all had what would appear to be a challenging start to 2020, with the Cornovirus (COVID-19) Pandemic appearing to threaten the very fabric of the lives we once took for granted as “normal”. This has brought changes to the lives of every single human being on the planet in ways we are only just beginning to see and understand.

In these early days of the pandemic, most of us being bombarded by the news and social media reports, many designed to elevate our fears and anxieties in order to sell more stories and reach wider audiences. We have entered a period where the private lives of celebrities no longer seem as relevant, with each news network, website, and newspaper attempting to outdo the other in sensationalising, more often in a more negative light, the effects of this virus on our physical health and on our economies, our job security and way of life including the way in which we socialise, exercise, shop, eat and entertain ourselves.

As the virus seemingly spreads from body to body through some form of direct and indirect contact, there is a different type of threat that travels through the internet waves, television and radio waves. It is that which we have come to know as mental illness, anxiety, fear, loneliness, despondency and depression. This is as serious a threat as the physical virus because this virus has been understood by medical practitioners and scientists everywhere to have more adverse affects on those with lower immune systems, a reason why it has been seen to have killed more older and those with underlying physical problems more than the “healthier” children, younger and fitter people.

Anxiety, fear, loneliness, stress, fear, despondency and depression have all been known to lower immune systems which are in actual fact the best defence against the COVID-19 virus or a quick recovery.

Meditation and Mindfulness practices such as the ones that you will find on this website are designed to allow your immune systems to resurface so that you may never even find the need to go through any of the symptoms associated with the virus, and at the very worst, experience the symptoms in their mildest and most gentle forms were you to be affected by it.

The Essence of all meditation, especially Mindfulness techniques is to help you make peace with your present moment so that you can see things more clearly and find solutions, answers, opportunities and most importantly, Hope where there was once none.

Mindfulness is about embracing the present moment and allowing changes that we are unable to control. With such allowing and acceptance of change comes a stillness and peace that allows us to see more clearly solutions that would otherwise have been clouded in our fears, anxieties and stress. With such stillness and peace also comes a stronger immune system and the ability to bring hope, smiles, kindness and solutions to not only ourselves but those who surround us.

You will find guided meditations and reflections in this website along with links to videos, museums, galleries, book and music recommendations and the theatre. I do believe that creativity and all ideas that are original and new come from the Mindfulness Zone that we tap into when practicing meditation. Please do get in touch with me on vinod@mindfulness.zone with any requests for guided meditations on particular challenges that you might be facing and I would be happy to create and add them to the list already available.

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  1. Congratulations Vinod! I am so happy for you for doing what are meant to do. I recently read about “knowing yourself-choosing yourself-giving yourself” as a concept to be totally aligned with your purpose. I truly think you have arrived at this point of giving your higher self. Thank you for sharing this amazing mindful experience which i think is priceless !

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