How Our Thoughts Determine Our Emotions

Meditation is practice and a process whereby we begin discovering that our mind is a tool, separate from who we are, just like the cars that we drive. It can be used as a nurturing and lifesaving tool or become disruptive and destroy when out of control. 

Mindfulness is the practice where we discover and experience that we we are NOT our minds, but are so much more. As we learn to become more conscious and aware of our thoughts, this creates gaps of space between ourselves and our thoughts so that we no longer identify with the mind and begin the process of choosing the thoughts we wish to use that will allow us to experience the world in a happier, more peaceful and joyful way.

This effects the way we feel because the whole world that enters into our experience is neutral and beautiful until it is translated through our our mind. Our mind is a filter unlike a sponge that has soaked up words, memories, teachings, and experiences since childhood that now lead to the definitions we give the people and world around us.

Through Meditation and awareness, as space is created between ourselves and our thoughts, we also begin to develop the ability to choose the thoughts that will enhance our lives. We will begin to notice how all that we see, hear, taste, smell and touch are collectively or individually filtered through our thoughts and then experienced as an emotion, positive or negative. This that old saying about seeing a glass of water as either half full or half empty. The same glass of water, but translated very differently depending on the thought.

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