About me

I have been practicing meditation for over 30 years and over the past ten years have been teaching and facilitating secular, non-religious mindfulness classes including the 8-week MBSR Course (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) within a Buddhist temple in London called Jamyang.

I have been meditating and using Mindfulness practices as an integral part of my own life for some time. My introduction into Mindfulness as a form of meditation began in 1994 when I underwent a month of practice and training in the Wat Ram Poeng Monastery in Chiang Mai, Thailand, receiving the same training that potential monks would receive before being initiated into monkhood. Being very passionate for human rights and charitable work and with passions for the arts, I preferred to return to my life where I then qualified as a lawyer/Barrister and worked in a number of fields ranging from aboriginal land rights, migrant, refugee and gender rightshealth and Animal Welfare to name but a few.

These services were provided through educational institutions, Legal Firms and organisations such as the UNHCR (the United Nations Refugee Agency), Amnesty International, World Animal Protection and other NGOs. I am also extremely passionate about food and the arts, using my Mindfulness Practice to explore and enjoy these passions more than ever before. Having lived and worked in these different sectors, I began seeing how mindfulness could transform the lives of the people working within these sectors and the clients they served. I then received teaching qualifications in Mindfulness from Bangor University in Wales and receive continuing regular supervision from lecturers affiliated with Bangor.

Please subscribe to my podcasts and YouTube channel if you find them helpful. Also, feel free to drop me an email on vinod@mindfulness.zone at anytime if you would like mindful solutions to particular problems or for any of the guided meditation sessions to address some particular need that you may be facing. I believe that meditation and mindfulness do offer us answers to almost every obstacle that we face in our daily lives.