Audio/Guided Meditations

(and a few photos and observations of the world as I pass through it)

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Photo: Infinity
Photo: Church Gardens Bromley
Photo: Autumn Cycle Ride through the Kent Countryside
Photo: Angels Hovering Above Regents Street
Photo: Cycling Past Some Cheerful Colour Amidst the Closed Shops in Piccadilly during Lockdown. Fortnum & Mason made to look like an Advent Calendar as we countdown to Christmas 2020
Photo: Mother Nature and one of her pieces of art
Photo: One of my many little toys, this one a 1957 Ferrari Testarossa
Photo: A Quiet London Street at Sunset, Nov 2020
Photo: Stillness as I return to Regent Street during the Winter Lockdown
Photo: A Misty Morning Walk in Kent
Photo: An unusually quiet Carnaby Street in London before Christmas but during the Lockdown
Photo: A misty autumn morning near home
Photo: Piccadilly Circus in Lockdown Silence with Angels Hovering Above It
Our thoughts as a Theatrical Play and Observing as a Spectator without Engaging. Photo: My local train station in the late evening
The Reset Button: A Practice for Letting Go, Being Present and Starting Fresh. Photo: Riding an escalator
Understanding Desires, Wants and Hopes. Photo: A stroll through Green Park, London
Exploring Our Doorways into the Now.Photo: He was sitting on my chest as I lay down on the grass and inadvertently took this photo. 14 Year old Suraj, our rescue cat from Foal Farm. More friendly and loving than his face seems to indicate.
A Body Scan: Moving Beyond Form. Photo: Colourful Central London
Moving Past Racism, Form and Family. Photo: Muffin my cat.
It matters little whether you are now in a palace or a jail cell. Photo: A leaf in the garden
The importance of Being before we start Doing. Photo: The morning sun reflecting on my kitchen wall
A meditation dedicated to those facing hardships around the world.
Practice held on 10.08.2020. Photo: Some fields near where I live at sunset
Pain and Discomfort: Reflections and Mindfulness Meditations for Relief. Photo: The cat that changed everything I ever believed about cats
Dealing with Loss and damage to possession, position and relationships. Photo: London Bridge Station, London
A Body Scan and Introduction into Transforming Movement into Meditation, Photos: The surviving segment of a statue, seen in a museum.
Some Reasons to Practice and How Timeless These Practices Are, Photo: The Inner Roofing of a museum
Visualisation Practice: The Mind as a Stream of Thoughts, Photo: A magnificent museum and gallery I recently visited.

The Mindfulness Zone Meditation Practice for the 25th May 2020 can be found here

Live session held on 22nd May 2020. Photo: Two more rescue cats from Foal Farm, Kent adopted by my dear friend living down the road. I am their main cat sitter when she is away, hence the developing of a very special relationship with me. They are 15 year old siblings who have the strangest meows in the world and are inseparable as they are adorable.
Live Practice held on 21.05.2020. Photo: These were photos taken recently during the Lockdown, of Theatres, Music Halls and Galleries with their doors closed. Even with their doors closed, I saw great beauty in their form, for what they seemed to represent at this time – ideas, beauty and so much more in the form of the hope we all seek.
Live Practice held on the 20.5.2020. Photos: One of my Gurus, this is the cat that changed a strong belief and fear of mine, carried from childhood- having feared and disliked cats most of my life thanks to my upbringing, she literally converted me into a cat lover overnight. She came to me as a rescue kitten and completely changed everything I had previously believed about cats. Experiences are always changing our beliefs, and mindfulness is about noticing these experiences, no matter how subtle they may be. After this, I wondered what other beliefs I had that may not necessarily have been true. You will meet our other two rescue cats in this video (just photos though) too. The screen goes blank and black at one point, and even though that was just careless editing, just try pretending that it’s a close up of one of them, since they are all black (LOL)
Live Practice held on 18.05.2020. Photo: My bike ride through Central London a few days ago took me through some of my favourite (now closed) galleries. The Tate Modern’s architecture alone can sometimes be very satisfying even when its doors are closed.
Live Practice on 14.5.2020. Photo: My favorite bookshop in London, Watkins Books, founded in 1897 by John Watkins (friend of Madame Blavatsky who co-founded the Theosophical Society) and moved to its current location at 21 Cecil Court in 1901. Photographs on this YouTube Audio alternate between this shop front and the now silent Cecil Court lane. A shop worthy of a pilgrimage. As photographed on a recent cycle ride through the quiet streets of London
Live Practice Session held on 13.5.2020: A Body Scan with Visualisation. Photo: A weekend cycle ride through Regents Street in London, where there was more stillness than usual.
Live session held on 12.5.2020. Photo: Sunset at Lake Windermere, Cumbria. I took a short walk one evening to the shores of the Lake and understood why Beatrix Potter, William Wordsworth and John Ruskin loved this place so much and drew inspiration from it.
Live session held on 11th May 2020. Photograph: Spring Blooms at Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park. I’ll never forget the first time I turned a corner and found this view, carefully tucked away deep within this magical, 190 year old “plantation” in South West London
Live Session held on 5th May 2020. Photo: Stillness on a Lake in Rotterdam

Meditation Practice for 7th May 2020. Photo: A moment of stillness as I walked through one of my favourite places on earth, Beckenham Place Park, near my home in South London.

On Anger and Acceptance of Emotions. Photo: Stillness on a Yorkshire Beach

Please click here to either listen or download some of my meditations and reflections as Podcasts. Some of them were recorded specifically as podcasts while others were recorded during actual meditation sessions held with my fellow practitioners. I do hope you will somehow get a glimpse into what some of us were experiencing during these sessions. Please do enjoy and subscribe, whether to the Podcasts or YouYube channel so that you will be notified when new recordings are added. Some of the YouTube recordings may not be available yet as Podcasts and vise-versa. The most recent meditations will be displayed on this page as YouTube audios. Thank you.

The same guided meditations and reflections are also available through the YouTube link here

One teacher I can never recommend enough is Eckhart Tolle. You would have noticed me listing a few of his books and talks under the “Recommended Reading” page of this website. His writings and speeches have very little to do with increasing your knowledge on this subject, avoiding that pitfall taken by many where meditation and alignment becomes a purely mental and intellectual exercise. This is however, for good reason called a “Practice” because it needs to be experienced through the alignment between our words, thoughts, and actions. And that is exactly what meditations are laboratories where we can practice this alignment under, what is usually a fairly controlled environment so that we can then take it out into the worlds we live, work, love and do so much more in. The difference between thinking intellectually about meditation and actually practicing meditation is as different as day and night, and perhaps a little bit like attempting to understand what the most sublime chocolate cheesecake tastes like through books and words, but without ever actually tasting it.

Tolle does indicate his sense of Being at one with his words, illustrating this wonderfully, through his own example – the way in which he lives his life, his words, which you begin to sense are in alignment with his life and his thoughts too. Here is a talk he recently gave, following the recent events pertaining to the Coronavirus. It is about 45 minutes long, but definitely worth a listen:
Tolle on the Virus and so much more.

Dr Wayne Dyer was a Teacher in every sense of the word, from college lecturer to spiritual teacher to many millions of people around the world. Here is a beautiful compilation of his words, in no particular order but deeply soothing in the way that it seems to resonate deeply with me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and will continue to.

Reflections by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer.

There are of course a number of excellent guided meditations out there that I would also recommend. Its difficult to recommend a single one only because we are all unique and different and there is a guided meditation out there to suit every one of us, and at different parts of our journeys.

If you find yourself constantly interrupted by the momentum of your mind (the constant chatter of the mind), Binaural beats can be very helpful. Everyone from monks to scientists are now using them to aid in their meditations. Binaural beats are quite scientific and would need to have been produced carefully in a controlled setting by those who understand the science behind them. Therefore, in order to properly benefit from them, I would recommend using any of the materials created by the team I have had personal experience (but with whom I have no professional connections) with, at Sacred Acoustics. There are number of free downloads available there and more should you wish to purchase, including guided meditations combining voices with the Binaural beats.

And then, of course, there are the guided meditations available from Jon Kabat-Zinn, the medical physician who is partially responsible for the whole Mindfulness movement in the West, having translated the Zen and Vipassana Buddhist tools into its current secular form. I cannot recommend his meditations enough.