We Don’t Have Time Not to Meditate

We often get caught up in our lives and it’s dramas, prioritising all else over meditation under the pretext of being too busy. Imagine Meditation to be a little bit like your car keys or train ticket that you need before embarking on a long journey. You would not leave home until you find your keys, train ticket or at least the funds to purchase a new ticket for the journey knowing well that a failure to have a ticket would delay you very significantly, especially were you to travel by foot.

Meditation is no different from those keys or ticket. A key and ticket that will get you through the day in the most comfortable, fun filled, passionate and happy route. Fast because as they say, time passes far quicker when we are having fun and I’m sure we have all experience that with time. There is originality, stillness, spontaneity and creativity in every word, thought and action that is aligned into the present moment.

Perhaps a reason. Why we don’t have time not to meditate.